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ive got a brand new pair of rollar skates.


1:your name: rachael.
2:age: 20.
3:area you live: suburb of seattle.
4:10 fav bands: rasputina, the deftones, the beatles, bikini kill, tenacious d, mindless self indulgence, radiohead, queen adreena, nirvana, alice in chains, led zepplin, jimi hendrix, marilyn monroe etc.
5:7 bands you hate: good charlotte. HIM. avril lavigne. hmm.. i'll come back to this.
6:3 movies you like:napoleon dynamite. vanilla sky. nightmare before christmas. now and then. the lost boys. eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. fear and loating in las vegas. ghost world. donnie darko. garden state. house of 1000 corpses (i know, i know. terrible movie. but i cant help but love it!) pulp fiction. 28 days later. pirates of the caribbean. the seven year itch. amelie. edward scissorhands. fight club. momento. etc.
7:2 actresses or actors: johnny depp. marilyn monroe. angelina jolie. been liking adrian brody lately..
8:why we should let you join: i am honest without being a total bitch (but i can be if i feel so inclinded) i have interesting out looks and lots of pictures to share.
9:3 pictures and one 100x100: 100x100 is the same dimensions for your livejournal icon. you cannot be recognized on the accepted members list without one.

10:fav things(15): music. cello. dying hair (ive been doing it for 9 years). ferrets. photography. writing. when it rains so hard you can hear it over the tv. smoking in the fog. driving fast late at night. movies. sunflower seeds. more then one ring on one finger. pirates. really lacey/frumpy skirts.
11:least fav things (10): racists. biopolar. ADHD. insomia. really hot weather. TRL. running out of film. being bored. bad drivers &/or car accidents.


12:bush: i am very much not a fan of him. lets leave it at that.
13:gay marriage: marriage isnt about a man or a women - whom ever thinks so (especially if they have those damned stickers on the back of theyre cars) are complete dipshits. its about love. people get theyre dogs hitched, why cant two people of the same sex?
14:drugs: they dont rock my boat. if they rock yours.. well, good for you.
15:sex: dont get pressured into it. use a condom.
16:what else do you feel strongly about?: vodka & mountian dew. pirates. the freedom to be pleasently chubby and not be reemed for it. oh, and cartoons.

17:*post 3 promotions- links will be checked*
i shall put one up in my journal right away. (itll be in my info so you can see it)
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