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Yeahhhh, can anyone say bored?


1:your name:Mary
2:age: Ill be fourteen in 11 days, but please don't just reject me because Im not older.
3:area you live: St Pete, Florida, part of the reason I joined was because I saw quite a few people from near the area.
4:10 fav bands: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Nirvana(I just got their box set, yay!), Modest Mouse, The Killers, Saves the Day, My Chemical Romance, NIN, Marilyn Manson, RATM. I know, I have many different tastes, but Im perfectly fine with that.
5:7 bands you hate: I dont hate any bands, theyre all out there putting out music for the sheer fact that SOMEONE likes them, even if it is just them that enjoys themselves. If that makes any sense at all.
6:3 movies you like:Only three? Definately breaking the rules. Here we go, Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, A Clockwork Orange, Pulp Fiction, Se7en, Big Fish, Chicago.
7:2 actresses or actors: Edward Norton and Kate Winslet.
8:why we should let you join: I think this is for you to decide...
9:3 pictures and one 100x100:

Yeahhh, I went one over.

10:fav things(15): Movies, Love, Cool Whip, Clothes, Music, Starburst, My Animals, Scarves, Winter, Jewelry, My Guitar, Playing Basketball, Eyeliner, Singing Like No One's Listening, You.
11:least fav things (10):Waking Up In The Morning, Doing Homework, Being Messed With, People I Care About Being Messed With...Thats all I can think of. Sorry for the excessive capitalization, but It helped me keep track of how many I had.


12:bush: Well, definately not my choice, I would of voted for me, if I woulda been a candidate. But eh, atleast were not living in Cuba or something, under the reign of Fidel Castro. And if you don't like him theres always Canada Aye?
13:gay marriage: It should definately be allowed, for the sheer fact that love is love and you can't stop ones feelings. To each their own, if its not you dont toy with it or worry about it.
14:drugs: Id be a hypocrite to be against them. I was sucked in to the menacing swirl of what it illegal use of drugs by minors, but thats me. Whatever you want is your choice.
15:sex: Waiting till marriage, it just seems like it would be awkward either way, and I dont do well in awkward situations.
16:what else do you feel strongly about?: About getting a good education I suppose. I want to become something.

17:*post 3 promotions- links will be checked*
(both the same thing)

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