trent (supertrent) wrote in betterthanbotox,

stamped // x-posted

all of us are in this community, i think

[we had to bring mauricio's laptop, so that we could use his webcam, since none of us had digital cameras. hence the fuzzy pictures]

first jaime and i went to mauricio's house.

then we went outside!

there was a cow.

mauricio is so cute.

his dog is horny!!!!!!!!!!1

then we went to the park. ILLEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!11

mauricio and i found NOODLES at the mall.

i love them.

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YAY!!! my gosh, i had sooooooooooo much fun!
I love ya trent! <333333333333
i love you all.
oh weer awessome!
that boy is super hott.
that boy is major hottness all over.
gosh i so envy him.
is he gay?
lol yeah he is hot.
&&ask him, he's at the top of this comment list XD
loove the dog humping leg picture ;)