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1:your name:(((aka marla, that picture turned out crappy.)))

3:area you live:seattlish
4:10 fav bands: Blonde Redhead, The smiths, Pedro The lion, Belle & Sebastain, Pinback, Dinosaur Jr, Rilo Kiley, Queen, Built to spill, Pixies
5:7 bands you hate: sum 41, and uhh sorry cant think(?)
6:3 movies you like: peter pan, hook, disney, my girl,
7:2 actresses or actors: Chris Farley
8:why we should let you join: cause i am a great leader, good at taking notes, easy to get along with, loving, empathetic, honest, oh god, ummm cause i want you to...
9:3 pictures and one 100x100: 100x100 is the same dimensions for your livejournal icon. you cannot be recognized on the accepted members list without one.

10:fav things(15):hanging out with brad and taylor at the library, yeah you know what im talking about ;)starbucks, being with family, my puppie, shows, rain, seattle, boys, movies, buses, being alone, being inlove, juice, burberry britt, hair.
11:least fav things (10): pop, dirt, saltwater, cheap purfume, phone service, bad coffee >_<,wow i cant think of anything.


12:bush: nothing i can really do about it, i mean oh jesus, my friend was obsessed about it, and i never heard the end, im glad its over. this guy who is practically my brother might be sent to iraq so thats where i hate bush, now i know the pain which people go through when family members get sent to war. >_<
13:gay marriage: their choice not mine, or anyone elses.
14:drugs:do whatever the hell you want, and i will too.
15:sex: self choice yet again, use protection.
16:what else do you feel strongly about?:

17:*post 3 promotions- links will be checked*
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