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<b>1:your name:Corey <b>
<b>2:age:17 <b>
<b>3:area you live:Y-town (OH)<b>
<b>4:10 fav bands:Bayside, AFI, Greenday, Dandy Warhols, Roses Are Red, Tiger Army, Inerpol, Streetlight Manifesto, Funeral for a Friend, Thursday<b>
<b>5:7 bands you hate: Duran Duran, U2, most of Nirvana's music, others..<b>
<b>6:3 movies you like:Fight Club, Boondock Saints, Any  Tarantino Movie, Any Kevin Smith movie<b>
<b>7:2 actresses or actors:Johnny Depp <(cliche) Kate Hudson<b>
<b>8:why we should let you join:Cuz I fucking applied<b>
<b>9:3 pictures and one 100x100:

<b> 100x100 is the same dimensions for your livejournal icon. you cannot be recognized on the accepted members list without one.

<<Sorry for doing drugs on school pic day
<b>10:fav things(15):<b> LJ, Methamphetamine, vodka, cigarettes, cell phone, driving, music, movies, books, sex, hxc shows, photography, computers, guns, sharp objects (no order)
<b>11:least fav things (10):immaturinty, prude bitches, country music, scratched cds, etc<b>


<b>12:bush: Good: I can keep my guns, Bad: No homosexual marraige<b>
<b>13:gay marriage:I vote yes<b>
<b>14:drugs:Fuckin' A, Love em<b>
<b>15:sex:Best thing since Chocolate fondue<b>
<b>16:what else do you feel strongly about?:abortion<b>

<B>17:*post 3 promotions- links will be checked* OK</b>

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