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jigga what


1:your name: t-r-e-n-t
2:age: 1-5
3:area you live: t-town, floriduhh
4:10 fav bands: coldplay - dropkick murphys - the streets - safety - the offensive - - the dead popes - carnivorous vegans - phish - queen - the eagles
5:7 bands you hate: uhh death metal.
6:3 movies you like: the bad seed - office space - ocean's 11 - hook
7:2 actresses or actors: clint eastwood <3 jack nicholson
8:why we should let you join: cause i am fucking awesome
9:3 pictures and one 100x100:
10:fav things(15): mollusks, my best friend melanie, music, hot chocolate on cold mornings, sitting on the roof of kmart, alaska, hot boys, my hobo gloves, going to vermont, , painting, blank cd's, skinny legs, really hot showers, sleeping in the tub
11:least fav things (10): waking up for school, my hair, how it actually gets cold here, never having money, the ebola virus, dead babies on my doorstep, rotten radishes


12:bush: yah! right-winggg =]
13:gay marriage: i don't know. it realllly depends.
14:drugs: why should i care if you hurt yourself
15:sex: don't give me aids please
16:what else do you feel strongly about?: nothing, i'm pretty chill

17:*post 3 promotions- links will be checked*

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