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1: your name: Megan.
2: age: 14 years of childhood + 2 years of high school = 16 years old
3: area you live: Columbia, North Carolina. Near the Outer Banks
4: 10 fav bands:
-Coheed and Cambria
-Explosions in the Sky
-The Faint
-Appleseed Cast
-Blood Brothers
-Bright Eyes
-Elliot Smith
-Depeche Mode
-Bob Marley

5: 7 bands you hate:
-Hawthorne Heights
-The Used
-Avenged Sevenfold

Sorry to anyone who is offended.

6: 3 movies you like:
-Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
-Love Actually
-Empire Records

7: 2 actresses or actors:
-Mandy Moore --- I’m not going to lie, I love her as an actress
-Ethan Embry --- Even though he’s going a little bit on the bald side now, he’s still adorable.

8: why we should let you join: one word. FLAVA
9: 3 pictures and one 100x100: 100x100 is the same dimensions for your livejournal icon. you cannot be recognized on the accepted members list without one.

Image Hosted by

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I made that hat out of cards

As for the member picture, if someone would like to choose for me which picture, that would be nice, and I’ll resize it. I have no clue which one to pick!

10: fav things(15):
- telling (and receiving) bedtime stories
- making things! (such as jewelry, bags etc) or just being creative in general
- making up constellations with friends
- traveling rave parties (Everyone gets into the car with glowsticks and you pump up the dance/trance/techno music)
- the top of Ferris Wheels
- riding carousels when it’s raining
- Whose line is it anyways
- kissing with pop rocks in your mouth
- automatic car washes
- falling asleep on the phone together
- the mad hatter
- pop art
- riding elevators for hours, meeting new people every time
- whipped cream fights
- being with the people I love

11: least fav things (10):
-awkward family get-togethers.
-having sand on my feet when wearing sandals (happens a lot when you go to the beach)
-when something breaks
-wearing wet socks and shoes
-people who won’t listen to anyone but themselves
-when the boy (or girl, depends on you) you can’t forget about was the one who treated you the worst.
-seeing someone else be in pain whether physical or not
- Math
- when clothes just don’t fit right.
- people who think they can use the word “depressed” for attention


12: bush: I’m not going to sit here and write out this big huge rant about how much I hate bush, when I have no sense of politics to back it up. I hate politics. They bore me to death. I don’t like the fact that this war has gone on so long. Is that enough for me to hate Bush? No, I don’t think so. Is it enough that he doesn’t like gay marriage? No, although I see nothing wrong with it (it being gay marriage). That’s all I really know about him that I DON’T like. Personally, I just ignore him. And if there comes a day when one of his decisions effects me, maybe I’ll be able to start making my rant.

13: gay marriage: You know I’m all for it. Some people say that heterosexuals shouldn’t bother with supporting gay marriage, since it doesn’t concern them. However, if what other people said really mattered that much to me, wouldn’t my previous opinion be a little bit more angry about Bush? I’m all for gay marriage, and one day, whether the world likes it or not, I’m sure it’s going to be legalized and it’s going to be a very happy day.

14: drugs: I don’t do drugs. Plain and simple. My parents and my brother smoke weed constantly. Now, the outcome of their lives may not be directly effected by weed, but I still don’t like what they’ve become. They’re not happy. You can tell. My brother is 20 years old and living at home. I’m damn sure this wasn’t his “dream.” I know my mother isn’t happy and the same with my father. I want to end up as happy as possible, which is why I don’t do drugs and I don’t do anything they might have did as teenagers so that I won’t make some mistake and end up miserably.

15: sex: There’s nothing wrong with it. Just use protection.

16: what else do you feel strongly about?: Racism, although some people consider it to be disappearing, I see it only getting stronger in the place I live. One of my best friends is black, and her mother hates me for being white and for encouraging her to think for herself, instead of believing everything her mother tells her. It hurts me when I hear her upset because of what her mother says about me and what her mother says about her. Yet, what can I do? Racism that’s been burned into people’s train of thoughts for so long doesn’t die out as quickly as you would hope for.

17: *post 3 promotions- links will be checked*
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