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1:your name:meghan
3:area you live:scottsdale, arizona
4:10 fav bands:old underoath ♥spice girls, blood brothers, zao, Gwen Stefani, emery, Aqua, LeTigre, The Sick Lipstick, The bangs, sublime, unearth, Cursive is like, THE best, EVERRR...The Mars Volta.At the Drive In.Coheed and Cambria.Thursday. Brand New.Incubus.Death Cab for Cutie.The Postal Service.Don't Look Down.Glassjaw.Mindless Self Indulgence.Senses Fail.The Get Up Kids.
5:7 bands you hate:good charlotte. that's IT.
6:3 movies you like: **Donnie Darko**American History X. American Beauty.SLC Punk.Requiem For A Dream.Trainspotting.Thirteen.Fight Club.Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.Half Baked.Dazed And Confused.The Craft.Pulp Fiction.The Breakfast Club.The Rocky Horror Picture Show!! :-D
7:2 actresses or actors:Paris hilton, Marilyn Monroe, Lindsay Lohan,
8:why we should let you honest. ALL the time. yet sometimes i can be a bitch. but i mostly keep the bitchy-ness to myself. i'll vote alot. and i am a cam whore. theres your answer<3
9:3 pictures and one 100x100: 100x100 is the same dimensions for your livejournal icon. you cannot be recognized on the accepted members list without one.
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10:fav things(15): Big sunglasses.MAC.Local bands.fake's
11:least fav things (10): cockiness.when people say they're "SCENE".people who do a shitty job at their makeup.immature kids.washing my hair.bad music. racist. bad drivers.smelly things.


12:bush:i don't really care for bush. i liked kerry better.
13:gay marriage:It's not ruining YOUR life. so why try to ban it? Marriage should be NOT only for Male and female. but for male and male and female and female. Didn't they say its a "free country"?
14:drugs:whatever floats your boat.
15:sex:use a condom and don't be stupid. that's all i have to say.
16:what else do you feel strongly about?:I don't believe there is such thing as "obese" people. we are all made the way we are. Big, regular, or small.


17:*post 3 promotions- links will be checked*
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