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1:your name: Chase

2:age: 16

3:area you live: Seattle, WA

4:10 fav bands: Abident, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, L'arc~en~Ciel, Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle, The Postal Service, The Seatbelts, The Strokes, U2

5:7 bands you hate: I don't particularly hate any band.

6:3 movies you like:Lost in Translation, Ghost World, Clockwork Orange

7:2 actresses or actors: Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray

8:why we should let you join: Umm...honestly I don't know, I was just told that I should apply here and you guys look cool, so I was like "ok, guess I will"


(don't have my editing stuff on this computer but thats pertty close)


10:fav things(15): Photography, Music, Playing music, Limited Release/Low Budget/Foreign Movies, My friends, Graphic novels, Walking, Socializing, Shopping, Science, Sewing, hugs, Pillows, Night, Living

11:least fav things (10): Being bord, Being lonly, Watching the news (its so depressing), War, Right wing extremists, Prejustice, Corrupt governments, American Clothing Style...or should I say that lack of, Broken promises, Hatred


12:bush: Not a very good president

13:gay marriage: two people who love eachother should be able to get married no matter what sex they are

14:drugs: I don't do them, but I am not opposed to others doing them though I would Preferrer them not to.

15:sex: after marriage

16:what else do you feel strongly about?: Too many things to name.

17:*post 3 promotions- links will be checked* I'm not sure what these are.
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